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What Makes an Air Conditioner Leak Water?

What Makes an Air Conditioner Leak Water?

May 24, 2021

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Moisture is naturally produced by how air conditioners operate. Condensation forms as warm air blows over the evaporator coil. But your air conditioner has a way to drain this condensate via a drain pan and pipe. If you notice your AC leaking or water dripping from it, this is not a problem to ignore. Damage to walls, ceilings, flooring materials, and any items around it can be damaged if your air conditioner is leaking. Delaying service can lead to mold as well.


A leak is therefore the right reason to call a professional. Some of the reasons for an AC leaking water include:

Clogged Filter

Every air conditioner filter will get dirty over time. That’s why the top of almost every AC maintenance list is to clean or replace the filter regularly. When an air filter gets blocked, it restricts airflow and the evaporator can freeze over. Frozen liquid eventually melts into more water than the drain pan can handle, causing it to overflow.

Blocked Drain Pipe

Condensate water is normally funneled away via the drain pipe. It can get blocked by debris, dust algae, or mold; the drain line should therefore be cleaned often. To clean it, locate the white PVC pipe near the drain pan (it’s usually a pipe with a 90° angle and a cap). Unclogging it can be done with a wet/dry vac and other methods; if you’re not comfortable doing this on your own, contact an AC repair services company for help.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil can freeze if it is dirty, the air filter is clogged, vents or registers are blocked, the blower motor fails, or refrigerant levels are low. Ice will form and drip whenever airflow becomes restricted or blocked. A frozen coil prevents refrigerant from transferring heat and cooling your home. In addition to decreased comfort, it can strain the compressor and other components, leading to serious damage. Unless you can resolve the problem by replacing the filter or opening vents/registers, you’ll need an HVAC contractor to fix the underlying issue.

Damaged Drain Pan

Drain pans can become rusty with age and develop cracks. Water can then leak out and into your home. A water sealant may temporarily fix the problem, but the only permanent solution is to replace the pan. A misplaced or improperly installed pan can cause a leak as well.

Incorrect Installation

Errors with installation or an AC that’s improperly sized for your home increase the likelihood of leaks. A new air conditioner should not leak. If it does, then call your AC contractor to check it out. There may be a simple issue that can be fixed, or more extensive work may be required. Either way, you may not have to pay the expense if parts and labor are covered under the warranty.

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