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Smoke & CO Detector Services in Denver

Smoke & CO Detector Services in Denver

March 6, 2021

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Owning both smoke and CO detector saves lives. They alert you to the presence of smoke and carbon monoxide, both of which can kill you. However, in order to work correctly, they need to have been installed correctly and tested monthly.

Here are some things you should know about smoke alarms/detectors:

  • How long do smoke alarms last? Typically, smoke alarms need to be replaced every 10 years.
  • Test your smoke and CO alarms every month. We recommend setting a calendar reminder on the first of the month to test them. It’s easy enough; simply hold down the “test” button until you hear the alarm.
  • It’s highly recommended that you interconnect your smoke alarms. That way, when one goes off, they all go off, alerting the entire household to the presence of smoke.
  • If anyone in your household is hard of hearing, it’s recommended that you outfit your detectors with bed shakers and strobe lights.

Smoke & CO Detector Installation Safety

  • Smoke and CO alarms should be installed on every level of the home and outside of each sleeping area.
  • It is highly recommended that you interconnect your smoke and CO alarms, so that if one sounds, they all sound.
  • There are two types of smoke alarms: ionization (better for flames) and photoelectric (better for smoldering). Make sure you have both types installed in the home. Even better, install dual-function smoke alarms that include both ionization and photoelectric technology.
  • Consider hardwired smoke and CO alarms with battery backups. They have been shown to be more effective than those operated by batteries alone.
  • Only purchase smoke and CO alarms from reputable retailers. Look for a label from an independent testing laboratory, such as Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

Different Kinds of Smoke Detectors

There are two different types of smoke detectors: ionization and photoelectric. Ionization alarms are better at alerting people to flaming fires, while photoelectric alarms are better at warning about smoldering fires. It’s recommended that you install dual-function smoke alarms, or at least use both types of smoke alarms in the home.

When a smoke or CO detector sounds an alarm, evacuate the premises as soon as you can. Stay outside until a qualified professional has deemed it safe to re-enter.

How to check the age of your smoke and CO detectors

Both smoke and CO detectors become can malfunction or become ineffective after 10 years. Studies have shown that after 10 years, around 30% of detectors will not only be ineffective, they won’t function at all.

You can check the age of your smoke and CO detectors by:

  1. Taking off the front cover (sometimes requiring screws) and looking at the inside. There should be a sticker or stamp that tells you when the product was manufactured. Sometimes, this information is located in the battery compartment.
  2. If your smoke or CO detector was made over 10 years ago, it’s time to find a replacement.
  3. It’s recommended that you test your detectors every 30 days and wait no longer than a year to replace the batteries.
  4. If you are replacing the batteries, consider using long-lasting lithium batteries for superior service.

Contact Fix-It 24/7 to inspect and install your smoke and CO detectors. We are also trained and certified to install interconnected detectors so that when one sounds they all sound.

If anyone in your household is hard of hearing, it’s recommended that you connect your detectors to strobe lights and bed shakers. Contact us for all of your smoke and CO detector needs.

We provide services for the entire Denver area including: Boulder, Erie, Lafayette, Longmont, Superior, Broomfield, Westminster, Northglenn and everywhere in between.

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