A generator powered by natural gas near your home can provide emergency electric power in case of an emergency

Choosing the Right Home Generator for Different Denver Weather Conditions

As a homeowner in Denver, you are no stranger to the city’s varied weather conditions, from heavy snowfall in the winter to thunderstorms in the summer. These unpredictable elements can sometimes lead to power outages, causing inconvenience and frustration. However, by investing in a suitable home generator, you can maintain a comfortable and secure living environment amidst inclement weather. 

Join Fix-It 24/7 (Colorado)’s seasoned professionals who specialize in plumbing, HVAC, and electric services to guide you through the process of choosing the perfect home generator for your Denver residence. By considering factors such as size, fuel type, and generator features, you can ensure that your home withstands any weather-related disruptions while guaranteeing the safety and comfort of your loved ones.

1. Assessing Your Power Needs

Before selecting the ideal home generator, it’s essential to assess your power requirements. Consider the appliances and electrical units you wish to keep operational during a power outage, as well as their individual wattage requirements. It’s important to distinguish whether a specific appliance requires starting watts (higher initial power inflow) or running watts (consistent power supply). Our professionals can help assess your home’s power needs, ensuring that you choose the right generator to keep your home running smoothly, regardless of the weather conditions.

2. Selecting the Right Size Generator

Home generators come in various sizes, providing different levels of power output. Choosing the correct size is crucial for maintaining an efficient and reliable backup power system. Here are some general size categories to consider:

Portable Generators: Portable generators are compact and versatile, typically providing power in the 3,000 to 8,500 watts range. They are suitable for powering essential devices and appliances, such as lights, refrigerators, and small heating units. However, they may not be ideal for larger homes or more extensive power requirements.

Medium Home Generators: Medium home generators usually deliver between 10,000 and 17,000 watts, making them suitable for maintaining HVAC systems, water pumps, and several critical electrical appliances. These generators are ideal for an average-sized home with moderate power needs.

Large Home Generators: Providing upwards of 20,000 watts, large home generators can handle significant power demands, including multiple HVAC systems and simultaneous operation of various appliances. These generators are ideal for large homes or homes with vital medical equipment that require a constant power supply.

3. Fuel Types to Consider for Your Home Generator

Home generators come in different fuel variations, each with its own set of advantages and considerations:

Petrol: Petrol generators are generally less expensive and widely available but have significant drawbacks, such as a shorter shelf life and increased emissions compared to other fuel types.

Diesel: Diesel generators are often more fuel-efficient and have lower maintenance requirements than petrol generators. However, diesel fuel may be challenging to find during an emergency.

Natural Gas: Natural gas generators are ideal for homes already connected to a natural gas line, providing cleaner-burning fuel with a virtually unlimited supply. However, these generators usually have higher upfront costs compared to petrol or diesel generators.

Propane: Propane generators offer stable fuel storage and cleaner emissions compared to petrol or diesel generators. However, propane fuel can become less efficient in extremely cold temperatures.

Our professionals can help evaluate your home’s specific needs and fuel availability to recommend the most suitable fuel type for your generator.

4. Available Generator Features

Modern home generators have a plethora of advanced features designed to make your life easier when faced with a power outage. Some of these features include:

Automatic Transfer Switch: An automatic transfer switch (ATS) automatically switches power to and from the generator, ensuring a seamless transition should an outage occur.

Electric Start: Electric start generators feature a push-button ignition system, making the starting process quick and effortless.

Low-Oil Shutoff: This feature automatically turns off the generator if it detects low oil levels, protecting the engine from potential damage.

Muffler System: An efficient muffler system helps reduce noise levels during generator operation, minimizing disturbances for you and your neighbors.

Weather-Proof Enclosures: Generators housed within weather-proof enclosures protect them from the elements and extend their lifespan.

5. Installation and Maintenance Considerations

Proper installation and regular maintenance are fundamental to ensuring your generator’s longevity and reliable performance. Our technicians can guide you through the installation process, making recommendations on placement, fuel storage, and safety measures. Additionally, it’s essential to establish a routine maintenance schedule, including inspection of fuel systems, replacement of air filters, and oil changes. Our professionals can help you develop an appropriate and consistent maintenance plan to keep your generator in optimal working condition, ready to face any weather-related power disruptions.

Secure Uninterrupted Power Supply with the Perfect Home Generator

Navigating Denver’s unpredictable weather conditions can be daunting, but investing in the right home generator can provide much-needed security and comfort during power outages. Understanding your unique power needs, choosing the appropriate generator size, and fuel type, and considering essential features are all critical factors in finding the ideal generator for your home. Our team of dedicated professionals at Fix It 24/7 (Colorado) can expertly assist you in making informed decisions tailored to your individual requirements, ensuring that you and your loved ones remain safe and comfortable, no matter what the weather throws your way.

Don’t let power outages disrupt your life; let our licensed electricians in Boulder guide you through every step of selecting, installing, and maintaining the perfect home generator for your residence. Contact us at Fix-It 24/7 (Colorado) today to schedule a consultation and enjoy the confidence that comes with uninterrupted power, regardless of weather conditions.


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