Storm sewer and catch basin

9 Signs You Should Call For a Sewer Repair

9 Signs You Should Call For a Sewer Repair

November 15, 2019

Storm sewer and catch basin
Beneath the ground around your home, there’s a sewer line that takes away used water from your home to be treated. However, just like the plumbing pipes in your home, your sewer pipes can experience problems. Sometimes it might have something stuck in there that shouldn’t have gone down your sewer system. Other times a tree branch may have broken into the pipe to reach the steady supply of water. Whatever problem your sewer has, you’ll need professional repair work to fix your sewer. However, you can’t call us for help if you don’t realize that you have a problem. So what sort of problems can a damaged sewer line create?

Here are nine problems caused by a sewer system in need of repair:

Slow draining

Damage to your sewer line frequently causes problems with drains all over your home. Oftentimes, a problem with one or two drains can get mistaken for sewer problems. However, it’s only a sewer problem if it affects every drain in your home. If only a couple of drains are acting up, the problem isn’t as deep as you think.

Toilet water levels fluctuating

Toilets usually maintain a steady water level when they’re not being used, but not if the sewer line is unhealthy. Problems with the sewer line can make your toilet nearly fill up or drain out almost completely. When this happens, the sewer problem is usually some sort of clog.

Damaged foundation

One of the biggest dangers of a broken sewer pipe is the possibility of damage to your home’s foundation. If a leaking sewer pipe is left unrepaired, the leaking can eventually cause corrosion in the foundation. It’s also possible for the corrosion to cause sinkholes in your yard or crack the foundation. This usually doesn’t happen if you’re careful about your sewer line, but you should call us immediately if you see corrosion.

Sewage smells

Sewer pipes are airtight and watertight to keep the sewage from escaping. However, damaged pipes can allow the sewage and its stench to escape and stink up your property. A similar problem can happen if there’s a clog in a sewer or drain pipe. When that happens, the smell can make its way up the drain into your home.

More vermin

Vermin of all types are attracted to loose sewage. If a sewer pipe is leaking, mice and other small vermin will be attracted to the smell. Meanwhile, insects like mosquitoes often use stagnant water, sewage included, for breeding.

Pools of septic water

Random pools of water are never something you want on your property. However, it’s even worse when you have puddles that smell like sewage. When a sewer line has been damaged, it can leak out sewage, creating puddles and dampening your lawn with foul water.

Greener lawn

Despite what some may say, having a very green lawn isn’t always a good thing. The influx of water and nutrients from a leaking sewer pipe can sometimes make your grass more vigorous. However, the sewage also has plenty of bacteria that will wind up killing the grass in the long run. All in all, it’s healthier for your lawn and garden to fix any leaks your sewer has.

Gurgling pipes

Moving water can be noisy, so it tends to make noise when it’s moving through your pipes. However, something might be wrong if the pipes gurgle when the water isn’t running. This is usually a sign of a clog, which can trap air in the pipes which will then make gurgling noises.

Higher water bills

A good way to catch problems with your plumbing and other appliances is to watch your bills for sudden increases you can’t explain. When water leaks from your pipes, that’s water you have to pay for. Any sudden increase in your water bills is worth investigating your pipes.

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