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8 Signs Your AC is Headed For Failure

8 Signs Your AC is Headed For Failure

April 30, 2020

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The summer heat may feel nice when you’re outside, but it’s even better to be able to return to a cool house where you can relax after a hot day. However, an unexpected AC failure can ruin any fun in the sun. Sleeping comfortably becomes difficult and you’ll constantly feel sweaty. That’s why you want to be able to catch when your AC is close to breaking down. At Fix-It 24/7, we know all about ACs and how they work, so we can help you recognize when your AC needs attention.

Here are eight different ways to tell when you’ll soon experience AC failure:

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Warm Air

There’s one reason you purchased your AC: to have it cool your home. If it’s not doing its job, there’s a problem. Some common reasons your AC won’t blow cool air is because of a failed compressor or a lack of refrigerant.
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Weak Air Flow

Perhaps your AC’s problem isn’t warm air, but not enough cool air. Once again, this could be a problem with your compressor. However, this could also be a sign your AC vents need to be cleaned out. Over time, dust and other debris can build-up in your vents, blocking the air flow and hurting your home’s air quality. Getting your ducts cleaned is a great way of making sure your AC is working its best.
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Strange Smells

If you smell foul or pungent odors from your AC, there are two possible causes. One case is that mold is growing inside your unit or ductwork. Alternatively, your AC’s wire insulation may have burnt out. Either way, professional help will be required to fix your AC.
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Thermostat Problems

Sometimes, the problem isn’t with your AC, but with the thermostat that controls it. It’s possible the problem is something simple, like the thermostat being set incorrectly or needing new batteries. Other times, the problem is something more complex. Because thermostats are complex electronics, you’ll want to call a professional to examine it.
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Old Age

There are times when the only problem with your AC is that it’s been around too long. Assuming it’s been properly maintained, you can expect 10 to 15 years of service from the average AC. When your AC hits that threshold, it’s time to consider replacing it. Even with great technology, parts in that old AC are going to get worn down.
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Repeated Repair Calls

If you find yourself having to make repeated calls for AC repair, getting a permanent replacement might be the best option. When your AC keeps breaking down, that’s a sign that it’ll soon break down for good. Better to replace it on your own terms than wait for it to die during a heat wave.
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Strange Noises

Generally, an AC’s sounds range from mild to “whisper quiet.” However, squealing and grinding noises from your AC mean something isn’t right. Squealing and grating mean the belt has slipped out of place or a metal component needs lubrication. On the other hand, a grinding noise likely means the motor’s bearings are broken. Either way, you should schedule some repairs before it you see an AC failure.
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Inexplicable Moisture

If you’re noticing moisture or leaking around or near your system, this could represent a serious problem. At best, the drain tube, which disposes of condensation from the AC’s operation, isn’t working properly. On the other hand, that moisture could be refrigerant, which poses a health risk to you and your family.
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