5 Signs to Rewire Home

5 Signs You Need to Rewire Your Home

5 Signs You Need to Rewire Your Home

June 25, 2021

5 Signs to Rewire Home

Since electrical wiring lasts for many decades, homeowners rarely think about the need to rewire a home. While electrical codes may change, the general condition of the wires that run through the walls to every light, appliance, and electronic device often remains the same as the day it was installed. Unfortunately, replacing your home’s electrical wiring can be an expensive but necessary upgrade. However, doing so resolves nuisance issue, improves home safety and lowers your risk of electrical fires while increasing capacity and energy efficiency.

Updating your wiring system can resolve and avoid a variety of electrical problems. If you have old wiring, these are some top signs it should be replaced:

1. The Lights Often Flicker

If your lights keep flickering and every bulb is secured, an electrical inspection should be scheduled. Loose wiring connections are often the cause. Loose wires tend to be accompanied by other problems such as faulty circuits, making the voltage fluctuate. Another side effect of loose wiring is the occurrence of light bulbs unexpectedly burning out. Professional electricians know lights that flicker and dim regularly represent one of the first signs rewiring is necessary.

2. Electrical Outlets Are Discolored

When wiring has degraded or connections have loosened, electricity can escape. This forms sparks that ignite small fires. Outlets and switches therefore become singed and warped. These sparks can also start larger fires if not addressed, and faulty wiring will only get worse over time and the sparks will get bigger. If you see black or brown burn marks, contact a professional to assess the problem and determine whether your home needs to be rewired.

3. The Circuit Breaker Is Always Tripping

A circuit breaker is designed to prevent dangerous electrical surges. It cuts off electricity if a circuit is overloaded, but if a breaker degrades, it can’t accurately gauge the level of current passing through it. The wires connecting it to your electrical system may become faulty as well. It can also be a sign your home wiring is overwhelmed by the electricity used by modern appliances and electronics.

4. Inexplicable Burning Smell

If you notice a burning odor, even a faint one, near switches, outlets, or appliances, that means small fires are occurring. The problem can occur behind walls or underneath a floor. A likely scenario is that a faulty wire is often sparking, burning away its plastic casing. Eventually, those little sparks can ignite something more significant than a wire casing. Calling an electrician to inspect the system can therefore prevent a major house fire.

5. Old/Outdated Equipment

If any wiring looks old or worn, it should be replaced. Aluminum wiring was installed in homes built from 1965 to 1973; if you find it, schedule an inspection and have inadequate wiring replaced. Porcelain fuses should be replaced along with outdated wiring associated with them. Doing so will align your home with the most current electrical standards. Older homes also often have too few outlets, leading many homeowners to rely on power strips and extension cords. Rewiring allows you to add outlets and increase electrical safety.

Benefits of Rewiring Your House

In addition to increased electrical capacity and better fire preventions, rewiring your home also avoids damage to wood, insulation, and other flammable materials and better protects electronics. A powerful surge can destroy a device instantly, while frequent smaller power fluctuations can shorten its life. Rewiring can save on the costs of replacing expensive items prematurely. Rewiring your home also ensures compliance with building codes and insurance policy requirements.

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