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5 Signs You’ll Need Duct Repair in Denver | Fix-It 24/7

5 Signs You’ll Need Duct Repair in Denver

August 7, 2019

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If you have an HVAC system, you’ll also have ductwork for it that’ll need frequent maintenance. It may not be something you see or think about very often, but it’s a key part of your HVAC system. Knowing when you should call someone for some duct repair in your Denver home is an important bit of knowledge for any homeowner. By getting assistance before a breakdown, you can save plenty of money on more expensive repairs.

Here are five things that should have you calling for duct repair in your Denver home:

Odd noises

It’s not uncommon to hear a popping noise when you turn on your heater or AC. That happens when ducts expand or contract due to the temperature. However, continuous loud or rattling noises are a sign of loose or damaged ducts. You should check by turning on the system without the interior air handler, which is the large silver box inside your home. If you don’t hear any noise coming from the outdoor unit, you know the issue is with your ducts.

Decreased air flow

HVAC systems work by circulating air through your home’s ducts, which exit via the vents. If the air isn’t blowing hard enough, there are several things that might be causing it. Perhaps an animal has a nest in the ducts, or maybe the ductwork is damaged or disconnected. It’s also possible you have furniture or a rug blocking the vents for air intake or outtake. To find what’s causing the problem, try following the vents to find where the air doesn’t flow as strongly.

Dirt and dust

Because the vents use your home’s air, you can imagine that dust and other contaminants can get in there. However, there’s a replaceable filter that should block most of the stuff that gets in there. Unfortunately, it’s possible for debris to get through and get into the HVAC’s machinery, causing damage to its inner workings. If you see dust and debris around your vents, the filter might need to be switched out.

Hot and cold spots

Do you still have hot rooms in your house despite having the AC on? You might have damaged ducts leaking out cool air, preventing parts of your home from being cooled. The reverse is also true. Cold rooms that aren’t getting heated can also signify damaged ducts.

Higher energy bills

You’ll often see your temperature bills spike during times of the year when temperatures get more extreme. However, it’s possible that a jump in your bills represents a problem with your HVAC. Give your HVAC a thorough examination of its refrigerant levels, filters, and fans. In addition, check for any tears and holes in your ducts that might be leaking air. Remember that not every gap in the ducts will be visible. Also, remember that the electrical connections can get worn down, and those will require professional help to fix.

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