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Hidden contaminants can find their way into your body through tap water. Install water filtration today and invest in your health! Fix-It 24/7 Plumbing, Heating & Air in the Denver Metro Area offers the best in water filtration and softeners for your home’s water health and safety.

Many things can happen to water, a chemical spill contaminating the water for example. This happened in Charleston, West Virginia earlier this year and affected 300,000 residents in the process. But not all contaminants are so cut and dry, because there are others who are threatening our health without us even realizing it.

Did you know that most Americans consume arsenic on a daily basis by drinking unfiltered tap water? Or were you aware of the fact that there are pesticides in 94% of drinking water in the US? As shocking as this is, it doesn’t stop there. Harmful bacteria and chemicals can just as easily find their way into your water supply.

Health Benefits

The human body averages approximately 60% water and all of its systems depend on it to function properly. Here are just a few ways that proper hydration helps keep us healthy:

  • KEEPS A CLEAR HEAD – Not drinking enough water can lead to headaches as well as confusion and irritability.
  • HYDRATION – We lose water each day, so it is important to replenish. On a daily basis, it is recommended that women consume approximately 2.7 liters of water from both food and beverages. Men require approximately 3.7 liters.
  • TRANSPORTS VITAMINS & NUTRIENTS – Water helps deliver important vitamins and nutrients to different parts of the body. It also helps flush out harmful toxins and the substances that can lead to kidney stones.
  • EVERYDAY FUEL – Water can help keep energy levels up, cushion joints and prevent dehydration during exercise.
  • AIDS DIGESTION – Fiber can’t do all the work. There are digestive benefits to drinking water, including the prevention of constipation.
  • REDUCES RISK OF INFECTION – Water can reduce the risk of getting urinary, bladder, and kidney infections. Water cleanses these organs and keeps them functioning properly.

Butwhat can you do to prevent consuming these poisonous substances?

Investing in water filtration is the solution to your problem and it is more affordable than you think. Fix-It 24/7 offers the best rates in the Denver, Boulder, and the surrounding suburbs. We cater each custom made filter to the specific needs of each customer.

Bottled water isn’t necessarily the answer. Many contain chemicals you are trying to avoid and cause unnecessary waste. Water filtration is environmentally friendly eliminating the chemicals used to produce plastic and the waste of the plastic itself in our local landfills.

Drinking tap water is a lot friendlier to the environment than buying disposable plastic bottles. You should also be aware that bottled water can also contain chemicals. Those chemicals are also a risk to your health, so why bother with bottled water when you can have fresh, healthy water coming from your tap?

Fix-It 24/7 installs water filtration systems in your home, giving you all the fresh water you need for a healthy lifestyle. Water filtration for your shower and washing machine is also a possibility. Whole home water filtration systems will help make your appliances last longer, saving you even more money.

The “hardness” of water has become quite a problem in Northern Colorado over the past few years. Hard water can seriously affect the appliances in your home. Appliances that use hard water with increased minerals that deposit buildup, meaning that appliances will break down faster, and will need to be replaced more often.

Your skin can also experience some issues when you take a shower with hard water causing some skin irritation and waxy buildup in your hair or on the surface of your skin. Installing water filtration to maintain and increase the life of your appliances will surely pay off in the long run.

Benefits of Water Filtration:

  • Water filtration provides better tasting and better smelling drinking water by removing chlorine, lead and bacterial contaminants preventing these harmful substances from entering the body.
  • Water filters can greatly reduce the risk of rectal cancer, colon cancer, and bladder cancer by removing chlorine and chlorine by-products from drinking water.
  • Solid block carbon filters can selectively remove dangerous contaminants from drinking water while retaining healthy mineral deposits that balance the pH of drinking water.
  • A whole house water filtration system provides clean, healthy water for cooking, drinking, and daily bathing, at the convenience of tap water.
  • Water filters reduce the risk of gastrointestinal disease by more than 33 percent by removing cryptosporidium and giardia from drinking water.
  • Pure water is especially important for children. Water filters provide the healthiest water for children’s developing immune systems.
  • Water filters offer the last line of defense between the body and the over 2100 known toxins that may be present in drinking water.


Fix-It 24/7 can custom design a water filtration system to suit your house or budget and your family’s needs, at no extra charge – providing clean, filtered water not only for your family but also your appliances and equipment, helping to prevent premature replacements and costly repairs. Call now for a free estimate or book an online appointment now.

Professional HVAC Specialists

When the colder Colorado months arrive, having a heating system that runs efficiently and reliably is critical to the well being of your household or business. We understand that when the weather cools down, you can’t afford to be without sufficient heat.

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Water Filtration FAQs

 A water softener device uses ion exchange to reduce the hardness by replacing magnesium and calcium (Mg2+ and Ca2+) with sodium or potassium ions (Na+ and K+). Ion exchange resins are organic polymers containing anionic functional groups to which the di-cations (Ca++). Regeneration of ion exchange resins takes place when most of the Na+ (or K) ions have been replaced by calcium or magnesium ions, the resin must be refreshed by purging the Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions using a solution of sodium chloride or potassium chloride.

Every month your local health department receives hundreds of requests for advice about drinking water safety. Many people want to do the right thing and make sure that their water is safe. Testing is the first and most important step for any home or business owner concerned about water quality, especially for those using well water.

A water specialist will be happy to come to your home or business to conduct a basic water test and plumbing audit FREE of charge. If more advanced testing is required many additional tests can be obtained for a nominal charge. These include, but are not limited to: coliform bacteria, arsenic, lead, fluoride, nitrates, radon, and uranium.

As development in our society increases, there are growing numbers of threats that could contaminate drinking water. Suburban growth encroaches upon once pristine watersheds, bringing with it all of the by-products of our modern lifestyle.

Actual events of drinking water contamination occur infrequently, and typically not at levels posing a near-term health concern. Nonetheless, with the threats of such events increasing, we cannot take drinking water safety for granted. Greater vigilance by you, your water supplier, and your government is vital to ensure that such events do not occur in your water supply.

 Drinking water comes from surface water and groundwater. Large-scale water supply systems tend to rely on surface water resources, and smaller water systems tend to use groundwater. Including the approximately 23 million Americans who use groundwater as a private drinking water source, slightly more than half of the population receives its drinking water from groundwater sources.

Surface water includes rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. Groundwater is pumped from wells that are drilled into aquifers, which are geologic formations that contain water. The quantity of water in an aquifer and the water produced by a well depend on the nature of the rock, sand, or soil in the aquifer where the well withdraws water. Drinking water wells may be shallow (50 feet or less) or deep (more than 1,000 feet). Your water utility or your public works department can tell you the source of your public drinking water supply.

Water suppliers use a variety of treatment processes to remove contaminants from drinking water. These individual processes may be arranged into a “treatment train” to remove undesirable contaminants from the water. The most commonly used processes include filtration, flocculation and sedimentation, and disinfection.

Some treatment trains also include ion exchange and adsorption. A typical water treatment plant would have only the combination of processes needed to treat the contaminants in the source water used by the facility.

Since the recent floods in Colorado the biological safety of those with wells were in question. One of the first steps to consider after the flood levels have receded is to disinfect the well with step-by-step chlorination if your well is suspect.

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