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AC Tune-Up In Centennial, Colorado

Dirty Outdoor AC Condenser

Are you experiencing poor cooling performance in your Denver metropolitan area home? That’s what this Centennial, Colorado customer called about. After 10 years of no maintenance, the air conditioning system was struggling to cool their third floor, the farthest floor from the AC unit. This comprehensive guide will explain the importance of AC tune-ups, the signs you need one, and the process for an AC tune-up in Centennial, CO. Additionally, learn about our Fix-it 24/7 Green Club Home Maintenance Plan, tune-up costs, and how to choose a reputable contractor for all your AC repair and maintenance needs.

What Does an AC Tune-Up Include?

An AC tune-up is a regular maintenance service that helps your air conditioner function efficiently. Among other things, an AC tune-up includes:

  1. Testing the electrical capacitor performance
  2. Cleaning the blower motor
  3. Cleaning the AC coil
  4. Cleaning the condensate drain
  5. Inspecting the condensate drain pan
  6. Replacing or cleaning the air filter
  7. Cleaning the outdoor AC compressor and condenser
  8. Inspecting the electrical system
  9. Testing refrigerant levels

Finally, once all the above steps are inspected, tested, and cleaned, the complete system is tested for performance to ensure that your AC system is running in tip-top shape.

Why AC Tune-Ups are Important to Prevent Costly AC Repairs

AC tune-ups are crucial to maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your air conditioning system.

Regular AC tune-ups prevent:

Moreover, regular AC maintenance can extend the life of your system, saving you money in the long run.

Signs You Need an AC Tune-Up

Some common signs that you may need an AC tune-up in Centennial include:

  1. Poor cooling performance
  2. High energy bills
  3. Unusual noises from the AC unit
  4. Uneven temperature distribution in your home
  5. Frequent cycling on and off

Centennial, CO AC Tune-Up Process

At Fix-it 24/7, the guys who actually do it, our technicians follow a comprehensive process for AC tune-ups. Our Centennial, CO AC tune-up process begins with inspecting the primary pan and condensate drain, followed by checking the electrical system. We then evaluate if the internals need to be cleaned, paying attention to any oil leaks from the refrigerant system. Below, we explore each of these steps in greater detail.

Service Cover Removal and Internal Inspection

The first step in the process for an AC tune-up is to turn off power to the system and remove the service panel on your indoor AC unit. From there, the internals are inspected for debris build-up, fluid leaks, obvious electrical issues, and more.

Fix-it 24/7 Heating, Air, Plumbing & Electrical Dirty AC Coil
Dirty AC Coil
AC Condensate Drain Pipe
AC Condensate Drain Pipe
Rusty Condensate Drain Pan
Rusty Condensate Drain Pan
Oil & AC Refrigerant Leak On Service Cover
Oil & AC Refrigerant Leak On Service Cover

It was noted that this homeowner had refrigerant leaks and poor condensate drain piping which caused the drain pan to rust, requiring replacement.

AC Blower Motor Removal and Cleaning

The blower motor is removed and cleaned, which involves disassembling the circuit board and transformer to slide the fan blower assembly out. The blower assembly has four mounts with rubber bushings which are removed first. Those bushings help dampen vibrations which otherwise would lead to noisy operation and even premature motor failure.

AC Blower Motor
AC Blower Motor

Once the blower is removed from the housing, the blower is cleaned with an all-purpose cleaning solution, rinsed, and reassembled.

Indoor AC Blower Assembly
Indoor AC Blower Assembly
Cleaning AC Blower Fan
Cleaning AC Blower Fan

Clean AC Coil

The AC coil is cleaned with a coil cleaner. This step is crucial for addressing cooling issues and improving the efficiency of your AC system.

Dirty AC Coil
Dirty AC Coil
Cleaning AC Coil
Cleaning AC Coil

Tech Tip: Particulate, dust, and debris the thickness of a credit card can reduce the efficiency of your AC system by over 30%.


After cleaning the blower and coil, we reassemble the system and replace the service cover.

AC Tune-up Completed
AC Tune-up Completed

Outdoor AC Unit Maintenance

To service the outdoor AC compressor and condenser, we first remove all the debris and inspect the electrical components to be in good working order.

Outdoor AC Unit Disassembly
Outdoor AC Unit Disassembly
AC Compressor Seal Rusted
AC Compressor Seal Rusted

First, we remove the top weather guard. Then, we remove the protective cage surrounding the condenser. This provides us access to the condenser so we can clean it, as well as the compressor so we can inspect it for damage.

Dirty Outdoor AC Condenser
Dirty Outdoor AC Condenser
Clean Outdoor AC Unit
Clean Outdoor AC Unit

AC System Testing

For the final step in the AC tune-up process, we test the system to ensure it is functioning efficiently and effectively, keeping your Centennial, CO home cool and comfortable.

Testing AC Refrigerant Levels
Testing AC Refrigerant Levels

Fix-it 24/7 Green Club Membership Home Maintenance Plan

Fix-it 24/7 offers a comprehensive home maintenance plan called the Green Club. Green Club members enjoy a complimentary AC tune-up for Denver and Centennial residents. Our plan ensures your HVAC system remains in peak condition with multiple inspections every year which prevents breakdowns and improves efficiency for as little as $29.99 per month.

The Fix-it 24/7 Green Club maintenance plan also gives members a substantial discount on all repairs and replacements, with savings across all incurred costs. Members also can utilize the “Bubble Bank” which allows you to use every dollar you spend on your membership for future replacements.

Cost of an AC Tune Up

Centennial, CO tune-up costs may vary depending on the extent of the service required, but investing in regular AC maintenance can save you money by preventing costly repairs and reducing energy consumption.

As mentioned above, Fix-it 24/7 Green Club members enjoy a FREE annual tune-up for their AC system, as well as the numerous other benefits that make the membership even better than free!

Centennial AC Tune-Up Contractor

Choosing a reputable Centennial, CO AC tune-up contractor is essential for quality service and peace of mind. Fix-It 24/7 is a trusted name in the Denver, Colorado area, specializing in AC repair, AC maintenance, and other HVAC services.

AC Tune-Up Repairs in Centennial, CO

Don’t let an inefficient AC system compromise your comfort and increase your energy bills. Schedule an AC tune-up in Centennial, CO with our experienced technicians at Fix-It 24/7 today. We’ll ensure your air conditioner is functioning at its best, so you can enjoy a cool and comfortable home all summer long.

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